Struggling to create watercolor paintings & looking for the best way to learn?

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How To AVOID Feeling Frustrated & Overwhelmed By Watercolor Painting!

The simple process to creating beautiful watercolor paintings you love - no matter your current skill level!

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Discover the joy of watercolor painting all from the comfort of your own home, and start painting something beautiful!

'Watercolors Made Simple'

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Are You Ready To Paint With Watercolors, But Feel Like You'll Just End Up With A Muddy, Ugly Mess? 😢 

If so, you're in the right place! I used to feel this exact same way!

Through the years, I've been able to figure out a process that makes creating the paintings you want fun, attainable, and enjoyable!

I created Watercolors Made Simple to help people just like you create something they can be proud of - without struggling & getting frustrated!

Does This Sound Like You..?  👎

  • You feel that you lack the 'natural talent' that other artists have
  • You want painting to be FUN, and prefer to enjoy the process rather than feel pressured to create a masterpiece
  • You feel slightly overwhelmed by all the 'advice' out there, and just want some guidance on what to focus on first
  • ​You feel frustrated that you never seem to get the results you want, even if you already have painting experience


Watercolors Made Simple

This simple, easy-to-follow course is designed to help you AVOID those pesky negative feelings that you have and make it easy to create a watercolor painting you can be proud of!

I will walk you through my entire painting process so that you never have to wonder again!

PLUS: When you sign up today, you'll get access to my class 'Loose Florals' completely free!

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"I learned a lot with this project!"

"I cannot believe I did this!"

"I'm a complete beginner... I'm loving what I've covered so far!"

"So thankful for these watercolor classes!"

"Thank you for your detailed, easy to understand teachings. For the first time I'm feeling confident laying down colors!"

"So soothing... happy with my progress so far!"

"It has made a big difference taking your watercolor course online!"

"Really enjoyed this one... is there a job I can do this all day long?"

Watercolor Painting... Simplified

  • Watercolors Made Simple ($197 Value!): With just this one class, you can save yourself the headache and thousands of hours that I experienced of trying to figure out how to paint with watercolors, and instead create beautiful pieces with ease!
  • Bonus - Loose Florals ($97 Value!): Capturing the beauty of roses and peonies in a loose and stunning fashion feels so easy using the techniques that I have learned through decades of painting!
  • ​Bonus - Live Workshop Recordings ($97 Value!): Get over 4+ hours of live workshop recordings done inside of my Watercolors Made Simple student community! These recordings are full of amazing tips, tricks, and inspiration I've shared with students inside of the community.
  • ​Bonus - Extra Lessons ($47 Value!): When you join Watercolors Made Simple today, you'll also get access to multiple bonus lessons I've created. We will learn the difference between gouache & watercolor, and how to use gouache in your paintings, as well as put together a travel painting kit together so that you can paint, even when on the go!
  • Supportive Online Community ($$$ PRICELESS): Avoid the struggle of picking up this new hobby (or talent that you can make money from) alone, and join this supportive group of artists that are all eager to encourage you & help you improve!

A $438 Value

Limited Time Sale: $27

👋 Hey! I'm Nicki Traikos, And I'm A Lot Like You!

Like you, I have struggled with endless trial and error when learning how to paint what I love, and be happy with the result. I've spent thousands of dollars on the wrong supplies and countless hours getting things wrong before I finally started to feel confident in my artistic abilities. My main goal is to help you avoid the struggles I faced when starting!

Art is my passion and being able to express my creativity daily is a blessing, it’s what I love to do for a living. My mission is to help people like me, to have the courage to unleash their own inner artist through learning and practicing new skills, whether it is painting or lettering or even starting a home based business too. Most importantly, exploring art and enjoy the process along the way.

I love creating works that inspire, and guiding people to find their own inner artist. “Passion isn’t something you can explain, it’s what you feel when you’re happiest.”

I can't wait to see you in the course! 😊

PLUS: Get Access To My Super Valuable & Supportive Facebook Community When You Join!

Joining a supportive community is one of the best things you can do to become a better artist!

  • Support: My community is built around the idea of supporting others through encouraging messages, comments, and posts!
  • ​Fresh Ideas: This community is a perfect place to share ideas of new materials to use, projects to work on, and things to create!
  • ​Inspiration: Gain inspiration from other students, as you see them (and yourself) continue to improve watercolor painting skills!
  • ​​Interaction: Interact directly with me and with other students of the class inside of the community!
  • ​​Share Your Work: Post pictures of the things you are most proud of, or even post what you are stuck on to get suggestions from other students!


Read More Student Success Stories From The Community! 👇 

"Sold my first painting with the help of what I learned from this class!"

"Thank you for these wonderful lessons!"

"Thank you, Nicki, for your constant encouragement!"

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could paint, but here I am! Thank you Nicki!"

"Very relaxing. Thank you, Nicki, for providing the teaching & safe space to grow skills & make friends!!"

"First time painting in months. Thank you Nicki for getting my mojo back!"

"I'm having so much fun learning from you!"

"I've learned so much! Great instruction & terrific videos!"

"Only a few lessons in, but already learned so much!"

"If you had told me I could do this 3 months ago, I never would have believed you!"

"I've never painted before age 70, and am enjoying it sooo much!"

"Thank you for all your encouraging words & support!"

"Thank you, Nicki, for giving me the confidence to try new techniques!"

"I've been loving your courses!"

"I never imagined I'd be able to draw her, let alone watercolor her! The sky is the limit!"

"Never dreamed I could paint something like this! Thank you for making me believe in myself!"

"Never been able to do drawing or painting before, and finally learning how to control my pigments & brush strokes!"

"Thank you everyone for all the nice comments!"

"My best decision was to buy this class!"

"Thank you so much, Nicki! You've enriched my world even more!"

Ready to start your own watercolor success story? 😊 

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"I would have laughed if you told me I would go from not painting since elementary school to selling my art just a few months later!"

"Thank you Nicki for making this possible!"

"I learned a lot with this project!"

"I cannot believe I did this!"

"I'm a complete beginner... I'm loving what I've covered so far!"

"So thankful for these watercolor classes!"

"Thank you for your detailed, easy to understand teachings. For the first time I'm feeling confident laying down colors!"

"So soothing... happy with my progress so far!"

"Finished Nicki's Watercolors Made Simple Beginners Class!"

"I listened to Nicki's lesson on leaves for the umpteenth time while painting these! No expectations other than to enjoy myself."

"Here's a recent painting of mine!"

"I've found the color mixing charts to be quite relaxing!"

"Thanks to Nicki I am learning so much about watercolor and loving the journey! I'm entering 2 of my paintings into an art show!"

"I learned a lot in this course! I'm glad I took it up, this is my first painting!"

"First time using ink with watercolors. Quite pleased!"

"I always thought that painting wasn't for me but here I am! I enjoy Nicki's lessons and have so much fun!"

"Pleasantly surprised with my results from Watercolors Made Simple!"

"I'm so loving Watercolors Made Simple!"

"Once I feel comfortable with something in WMS, I paint it in my sketchbook!"

"I joined Watercolors Made Simple several months ago. I love watching the flow of the paint onto the paper!"

"I enjoyed doing this wreath!"

"New to the group. Working on a painting for our daughter's wedding invitations!"

What You Get Inside The Course


Get my class "Loose Florals", Workshop Recordings, & Even Extra Lessons completely free when you purchase Watercolors Made Simple today!


Access To Watercolors Made Simple Is Sent To Your Email & Granted Immediately After Your Purchase So You Can Begin Painting In Minutes!

Supportive Community

Get Access To a community full of likeminded artists who share inspiration, tips, tricks, and additional techniques!


Each lesson is broken down by topic & designed to be easy to follow, even if you are completely new to painting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IS THIS COURSE A ONE TIME PAYMENT OR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: The Watercolors Made Simple Course is a one time payment and you will never be charged monthly.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED FOR THE $27: Watercolors Made Simple plus free bonus class is an "at your own pace" program with training videos teaching advanced techniques, inspiration guides and a lot more. 
  • WHO IS THIS FOR: It is for anyone interested in painting. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional this is the ideal place to learn and expand your knowledge. 
  • WHEN WILL I GET ACCESS: You will get access immediately after purchase as this is an online painting course.
  • IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Yes. Watercolors Made Simple offers has a full refund policy within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked. 
  • DO I NEED TO BE LOCATED IN A SPECIFIC COUNTRY TO PURCHASE: No. It is all available online no matter where you live! 
  • ​​DOES THE COURSE EXPIRE? We don't like promising "Forever" access, but that is essentially what it is! You will not lose access to your class for as long as Life I Design classes are around (which we hope is forever)!


Your success is important to us! That is why we offer a FULL REFUND within 30 days of your purchase if you are not completely satisfied!

** Terms and conditions; All courses are owned and copyright protected by Nicki Traikos of life i design. When you enrol in a class, you automatically agree to never duplicate, make copies, transfer, or reproduce any part of these online courses without written permission by Nicki Traikos. You also agree not to give your course log in information to others. Action will be taken if you violate these terms.